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Kasumi Loffler 


Kasumi Ochiai Loffler was born and raised in Japan.  After attending and graduating from Tsuda School of business in Japan, she traveled to the U.S. and pursued studies in English language, drawing, painting, printing, photography, sculpture, and graphic design. She completed her education at the University of Hawaii, earning a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree.


Working as a professional food stylist since 1990, Kasumi Loffler has worked with some of the best food photographers in the "305" market area code,   (including Dan & Len Loffler, and Greg Schneider, Mathew Pace, Antonio Cuellar).  Over these past 20+ years, Kasumi perfected her craft of food styling and food photography for caterers and restaurants including Burger King, Royal Caribbean, Chima, Cozzoli’s pizza, Cajun Grill.  Ms. Loffler now resides in the Northeast and is building her client base in the all-important Philadelphia to NYC corridor.


With the influx of digital photography, social media, and ever-changing technology in this industry, she strongly believes and asserts that a professional eye and perspective, and attention to detail is needed now more than ever to make your food photos stand out as appetizing and attractive in this competitive climate  Kasumi Loffler has the artistic passion, as well as the experience and talent to make that happen for the clients that she selects.

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